About Us


Myastrouncle is one of the premier, eminent research-based online astrological portals, which provides a host of services. Here you would find experienced and certified Astrologers, Numerologists, Tarot Card Readers, Vaastu specialists, and renowned priests.

Diverse solutions are provided in the form of astrology, numerology, and vaastu services. Astrological remedy services such as fire prayers (hoaam), pooja services, energized gems and yantra on bhojpatra are provided for health, finances, relationship, education, career etc. These services would bring more happiness and positivity into your life.




Our Platform

Myastrouncle portal hosts a variety of services from online consultation to physical pooja. Some of the services provided by Myastrouncle portal include Kundali, Marriage, Vastu, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, Astrology, Pooja & Anushthan. This platform also provides remedial services such as fire prayers (homa or havan), pooja services, energized gems and energised yantra bhojpatra, and personalized puja from renowned priests.

Our online service “Talk to Expert and Certified Astrologers” is a phone call based advice service provided through various platforms of Myastrouncle. In Myastrouncle platform, a user registers himself for availing paid or free advice from registered or appointed Astrologers. We aim to provide true and accurate information to our users through expertise, skills, and astrological background.

In this platform, you will get answers to every question you have in your mind, regarding health, finances, relationship, education, etc. These services would bring more positivity into your life and also will provide simple solutions to all your problems. 


Our Story

Myastrouncle is a research-based astrological portal that provides a variety of services from an online Astrology consultation to online & physical Pooja or Anushthan. It is one of the best platforms for astrology prediction and remedies provided through online and offline consultations.

The renowned astrologers, numerologists, vastu experts, and acclaimed priests have more than 20 years of experience. We follow a very transparent approach towards our customers. Our consultation or remedies are based upon learning mentioned in the ancient Vedic textbooks of Astrology. The only aim of Myastrouncle is to provide true, accurate and absolute solutions to all our customers irrespective of their cultural and geographic differences.


Our Mission

Stressed about your future? Worried about your personal or professional life ? Concerned about your marriage or relationship? Have questions related to your health issues or any other concern?

Myastrouncle will answer all of these questions. Our mission is to provide the best and accurate services to every individual and to help them to get rid of their miseries and lead a life full of peace, happiness, and prosperity. Many individuals, business houses, and institutions have utilized the services provided by Myastrouncle and have greatly benefitted.