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Jyotish Acharya Sarvesh F. Gupta

Astrology, Tarot Card Reader, Vastu, Numerology


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About me

Joytish Acharya Sarvesh F Gupta is a celebrity astrologers. With a relevant experience of over 14 years in consultancy and teaching, Joytishachary Sarvesh ji specializes in Astrology, Tarot Cards Reading, Healing, Numerology, Vaastu Expert and other healings. She is an expert in providing astrological remedies which are effective for her clients.
She is also a founder of Miracles Grace Hub International Academy Teaching & Consultancy (Healing + Tarot Cards).
She has a number of exceptional and remarkable achievements:
(Special Awards ASTROLOGY in LEGEND),
(BILLENNIUM AWARDS + Gold Medal 2021)(Mobile Number & Tarot Cards QUEEN CROWNING)
Gold Medalist (3 time)
Tarot Queen (3 time)
International Award in Astrology-Tarot-Healing (Bangkok)
Global Women Excellence award for Astrology
Brand Ambassador of Arman Empowerment
Crowning Divyangs and Blinds
Pragati Foundation Women Excellence Award
Guest of Honor (🌟 of ABCD movie prayas & parg)
Magazine coverage of my profile & catalogue shoot of crowns,
Divyangs Blind & Slum kids (NGO),
Highest Title leader of Humanity in Heritage & Glory of India Award,
Icon Award 2021 - Dr Sarvesh F Gupta
and many more awards.


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