Energized Rahu Yantra On Bhojpatra

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Rahu Yantra - Bhojpatra


Energized - Pran Pratishthit


•Rahu yantra is made on bhojpatra and is energized by chanting 18000 Vedic mantras of Rahu,1800 Hawan, 180 Tarpan, and 18 Marjan. Rahu being the significator of foreign travels, unusual employments, creativity, pilgrimage, air travels, politics, masochism, and renunciation, etc., the Rahu yantra enhances the good results and reduces/removes negative effects. It is highly recommended and advised that natives with adverse Dasha / transit of Rahu should take this.

Benefits of Rahu Yantra:

1. Removes negative or malefic effects of Rahu
2. Gifts good health
3. Protects you from unfavorable losses in business
4. Protects you against the negative impact of black magic
5. Rahu yantra helps you to keep peace in your marriage and personal relationship
6. Keeps you safe from unwanted disease 


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